History of Madison Elementary


The site to build a school at E. 8th Street and Madison Avenue was purchased in 1926 but actual construction did not take place until 1952 due to WWII. The school was built to house kindergarten, first, second, and third grade students attending Cattell Elementary.  George W. Hohl, Director of Elementary Education at the time, said the new school would enable undesirable basement rooms at Cattell and a room at Warren Harding Junior High School to be vacated. The new school would serve the surrounding areas of Euclid Avenue.

Madison Elementary opened its doors on Monday, November 17, 1952. Maurice S. Lewis was assigned Principal of Madison Elementary.  Vesper Price was assigned Vice Principal and would also teach third grade. Others on staff included Alice Conner, first grade; Ilona Onken, first and second grades; Mrs. Grace Ryerson, second grade; and Florence Maffett, kindergarten.

Madison Elementary has grown since it opened in 1952. You will see some interesting information posted above. Additional Principals not mentioned in this information are Valeria Near, from 1988-2003;  Marsha Kerper, from 2003-2013, Cory Heaberlin, from 2013-2018. Currently, Jenni Krieger is serving as the principal of Madison Elementary.

Today, Madison Elementary serves around 300 students from diverse backgrounds, and employs over 50 staff members. Although the building and staff have grown in size, our purpose will always be to provide the best education possible for our students!