Turn Around Arts Designation

Turnaround Arts is a partnership between Madison and the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities. Schools that have participated in the pilot phase of this program have demonstrated increased academic achievement, increased student and parent engagement in school and improved school culture and climate.

As a participating school, Madison will receive an array of arts services, resources and materials to increase their chances of successful school improvement, provide “quick wins” for their community and raise the visibility of their achievements.

The program will provide both uniform and customized resources to respond to the particular arts education-related needs of the individual schools selected to participate. Resources include:

• A national conference for the school principal and two teacher-leaders to receive planning and instructional support from nationally recognized arts education providers;
• A public arts event in the school with students, parents, community and a high-profile artist
• Strategic planning support for the principal and teacher coaching;
• In-school professional development for the entire teaching staff;
• Partnerships with community arts education and cultural organizations;
• Supplemental arts supplies and musical instruments;
• Teaching artist partnerships to provide supplemental instruction and teacher professional development; and
• Participation in national activities, such as White House events or other high profile events, as appropriate.